Learn What It Takes to Be a Ramsey Pro

You want to meet new clients and grow your business, right? For the first time ever, we're sharing what it takes to succeed in our ELP and SmartVestor programs—before you join. Get the Pro playbook of our best practices and financial teachings.


What will you get from Ramsey Pro Training?

Don’t worry—no useless certificates or long, rambling graduation speeches. We have something better to offer you. When you finish the lessons and pass the final assessment, you’ll get these three things:

Your Application Will Be Prioritized

You applied because you want to work with Ramsey fans. When an opportunity comes up, Pro Training ensures your application is prioritized.

You'll Get a One-Year Membership to Our Cornerstone Products

Consider it a graduation gift. You'll get access to Financial Peace and EntreLeadership All Access ($3,000+ value) when you finish the course. 



You'll Be Ready to Re-Energize Your Business

Everything you learn here can be applied to your business right now. And if you get the call later to serve our fans, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running.

"The more we are in line with Ramsey Solutions’ goals and beliefs, the better the results. The more you understand the Baby Steps, talk the talk and walk the walk, and really engage with those clients, that’s where great things happen for you."

Joel Broersma, CFP
Current Endorsed Local Provider

The Three Pillars of Ramsey Pro Training

After 20 years of listening to our customers, we’ve discovered the values that every rockstar professional in our program has. Ultimately, at the end of this course, you’ll know why these values are important to our fans—and how to exhibit them.


You know and believe what we teach, which allows you to empathize with our fans' financial journeys.



You're not afraid of criticism or change. Every mistake you make is an opportunity for you to reflect and learn. 


People trust you'll do the right thing. And when you say you'll do something, you won't hesitate to do it. 

So, what exactly is Ramsey Pro Training?

Ramsey Pro Training is an online course that will take you step-by-step through our financial principles and business best practices. Think of it as the Ramsey boot camp: When you finish this course, you'll know exactly what it takes to be a Ramsey professional. 

What's Included:

  • 30+ Self-Guided Video Lessons
  • 6 Unit Assessments + Final Assessment
  • Additional Tools & Resources 
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